So It’s time that I ended my website silence, and let everyone know that I am now working in Philadelphia Pa. It was a difficult decision to leave The Pottery Workshop in Jingdezhen, but ultimately for me it was the right one. The longer I am here in Philly the more sure I am of that decision. I am now currently the Shop Supervisor for The University of The Arts in Center City. I am working with some great faculty in ceramics: Jim Makins and Liz Stewart. They are wonderfully supportive, great teachers and I have thoroughly enjoyed working for them. I also recently found out Bruce Metcalf, of amazing craft theory fame, is a lecturer here and am now even more excited about taking free classes.

The pictures include the main entrance for my building, Hamilton Hall, some city shots, an Andrew Martin workshop that occurred here this week with some examples of his new marbleizing techniques and a picture of the glass hot shop that is outside my office with Alex and David who work in the glass dept.